00:11, 03/05/2023

Bustling shopping and entertainment during holiday season

During the public holiday April 30 and May 1, Nha Trang City is seen bustling with shoppers and revealers to markets and supermarkets. There is an abundance of products serving local residents and tourists. Besides shopping, many enjoyed time with friends and families in supermarkets having meals and escaping from the summer heat.


Go! Nha Trang Supermarket full of diners on the morning of May 1.



Fast food is chosen for trips.


Many people flock to supermarkets namely Co.opmart Nha Trang, Go! Nha Trang, Lotte Mart Nha Trang, etc.for shopping, entertainment and  relaxation. All the supermarkets have sufficient supply of goods, especially processed food to meet the holiday demand. People at supermarkets are mostly locals and some international tourists. Apart from the shopping area, the dining zone is mostly full on May 1.

According to the representative of Co.opmart Nha Trang, the customers at Co.opmart Nha Trang increased by 35-40% compared with normal days. Most looked for food, frozen and processed

To attract customers, many supermarkets are running promotional programs offering discounts on a wide range of household items and food until May 3.


Lotte Mart Nha Trang is crowded with reveilers and shoppers.

Shoppers at Lotte Mart Gold Coast Nha Trang.
Shoppers at Lotte Mart Gold Coast Nha Trang.


Shoppers at Co.opmart Nha Trang.
Shoppers at Co.opmart Nha Trang.


According to retailers at traditional markets, namely Vinh Hai, Xom Moi, etc., the buying power has not recovered its pre-COVID-19 level but it has increased quite dramatically with seafood and vegetables selling well during the holiday. Therefore, the prices of fresh seafood, especially squid, crabs, crabs, sea snails, etc., are a bit higher compared with normal days, up by 10,000 - 30,000 VND/kg.

According o a resident named Minh Duc, Vinh Ngoc Commune, during the holiday, he preferred buying ingredients at markets and preparing a party at home with his family. It helped him save money and avoid crowds during the tourist peak period in Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa.


 Seafood selling well at Vinh Hai Market during the holiday.


A foreigner goes shopping at a traditional market.