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2 siblings with love for Tuong 


Huynh Thi Thuy Thoa and Huynh Thi Thuy Thoa love Tuong (Vietnamese classic drama) and have worked at Khanh Hoa Provincial Traditional Art Theater for nearly 17 years, although they are not from a family with Tuong career.

2 siblings with love for Tuong 
2 siblings with love for Tuong 

Developing love for Tuong since early ages

The two siblings were born in a family with no one working in the arts. However, their parents loved watching performances of Tuong, bai choi and other traditional art forms. The siblings were often taken to see these performances when troupes came to their area. Those shows nurtured a love for Tuong in them.  

In 2003, they got into the theater actor class of Nha Trang College of Culture, Art and Tourism (now Khanh Hoa University). “We took dancing, singing, acting, makeup classes, etc. in the daytime and academic classes at night to complete our high school degree. We also joined dance groups and dance troupes performing at weddings and cultural shows to cover our studying and living expenses. For three years, we were busy almost every day, but we felt happy because we could study and do what we love,” said Thuy Thoa.

It was difficult to study traditional theater art in general and Tuong in particular, especially for those who are not from Tuong families. Artists developing from Tuong troupes run by their families were trained and absorbed the knowledge and skills of performing Tuong from early ages. Meanwhile, people who start to study Tuong in classes need to put in more effort to absorb knowledge and skills taught by their teachers. 

Talented Tuong actresses 

Siblings Bach En and Huu Hung used to be Tuong actress and actor of Khanh Hoa Traditional Art Theatre. However, they were from a Tuong family. It is rare for siblings from a family without Tuong artists pursuing Tuong career like Thuy Thoa and Thuy Thoa. 

Thuy Thoa born in 1986 has won many prizes at national festivals and contests, including two gold medals and one silver medal. She has been promoted to Meritorious Artist. Screenwriter Nguyen Sy Chuc highly appreciates Thuy Thoa for her voice and skills in performing many roles in Tuong. She is a talent Tuong actress, Chuc says. 

Thuy Thoa born in 1989 can also act many roles of characters with different backgrounds and personalities. She secured Prize A at the national talent Tuong actors and folk music festival held last May. As said by director Cao Nguyen, since joining the Provincial Traditional Art Theatre, Thuy Thoa has made efforts and progress and has always showed a serious working attitude, professionalism and love for Tuong.

Hoang Yen, director of Khanh Hoa Traditional Art Theatre, also highly appreciates the siblings Thuy Thoa and Thuy Thoa for their talent and dedication to the profession. Besides, she recommend they to continue practicing and improving their skills in order to become widely known artists and worthy successors to the previous generations of artists.

Giang Dinh
Tránlated by H.N