23:58, 31/10/2023

Female student with serious illness needs help


Wishing to become a graphic designer, but unfortunately Le Dang Kim Ngan (born in 2008, fifth- grade student of Hoang Hoa Tham High School, Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa Province) has had to suspend her studying to treat her malignant nasal cavity tumors.

Le Dang Kim Ngan needs help
Le Dang Kim Ngan needs help

In July 2021, Ngan often had fever, difficult breathing and white scales in her nose. Her family took her to the hospital in Khanh Hoa. After 6 months of treatment, Ngan's health condition didn’t improve, so she was transferred to Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital. The doctors diagnosed Ngan as having non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in her left nasal cavity, also known as malignant nasal cavity tumor and prescribed chemotherapy and radiotherapy to maintain her life.

Although 80% of Ngan’s treatment cost has been covered by health insurance, her family has borrowed hundreds of millions of dong from their relatives and neighbors to pay Ngan’s medical expenses over the past 2 years. The family hasn’t paid off the debt meanwhile Ngan still needs to be hospitalized regularly and the expenses for medications, food, and travel cost a lot of money. 

Ngan's father, Le Thanh Tung (born in 1979) is a bricklayer, but recently he has been unemployed.  He has suffered from bone and joint pain, so he cannot work often. Ngan's mother, Dang Thi Thu Thuy (born in 1979) earns VND100,000/day works by making rice noodle from 3a.m. to about 6-8a.m everyday. Thuy’s earning is unstable because she has to take time off work to take her daughter to Ho Chi Minh City when Ngan needs to be hospitalized. Besides Ngan, Tung and Thuy have other two children (born in 2010 and 2016 respectively) to look after.

Ngan has undergone 28 chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Because of her bad health condition, Ngan’s parents asked Hoang Hoa Tham High School to allow her halt in studying for 1 year to cure her disease
Currently, the family has run out of money and cannot manage to earn enough money for Ngan’s upcoming hospitalization and other medical expenses.

As said by Nguyen My, head of Hamlet 4, Dien Phu Commune, the locality has offered some support to Ngan’s family. He hopes that people everywhere can help the family so that Ngan can get well and continue her studying.

People who want to help Le Dang Kim Ngan can contact Dang Thi Thu Thuy (No.28 Cay Sung Street, Hamlet 4, Dien Phu Commune, Dien Khanh District, tel: 0764258509) or Khanh Hoa Newspaper office (tel: 0258.3822019) at 77 Yersin St., Nha Trang City. Support can also be sent to Khanh Hoa Newspaper’s bank account at Vietcombank Nha Trang (account number 0581000765262).

Translated by H.N