00:40, 01/09/2023

3-year-old child suffering many diseases in desperate need of help


Nguyen Minh Quan (born in 2020), living Tay Bac 1 Hamlet, Dai Lanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, has congenital heart defect, ulmonary atresia and undescended testis. Quan is going to undergo his third heart surgery, but his family can no longer afford the cost of treatment.

Quan is the second child of Nguyen Van Thu (born in 1990) and Nguyen Thi Biet (born in 1997); Quan’s sister was fortunately born healthily in 2018. Quan was diagnosed with congenital heart defect when he was more than 1 month old. At 3 months old, Quan’s health got worse and was brought to Ho Chi Minh City Children's Hospital 2. The doctors diagnosed Quan with Tetralogy of Fallot, pneumonia and prescribed him an emergency surgery to insert a stent in his ductus arteriosus to save his life.

Nguyen Minh Quan in desperate need of help
Nguyen Minh Quan in desperate need of help

In mid-March, Quan underwent the second surgery to dilate and re-insert the stent in his ductus arteriosus. Affected by the diseases, until now, Quan is still unable to speak and weighs only 10kg, but he is intelligent.

Thu and Biet, Quan’s parents, have borrowed nearly VND200 million from many people to pay his cost of treatment. They are self-employed laborers with a small income.  Their family is a nearly-poor household in the commune. Reportedly, they have paid more than half of the debt. They have also put their house up for sale many times to be able to pay off their debt and afford the treatment cost of their son. However, until now, they still can't sell their house because the house is located in a not good location. Recently, there have been signs of subsidence at their house, so the whole family had to move to live temporarily at Quan’s grandparents’ house. 

Dai Lanh Commune Red Cross Association visited Quan’s family but hasn’t still found source of funds to support the family. Through Khanh Hoa Newspaper, the association hopes that people everywhere can offer support to help Quan get timely treatment.

Reportedly, Khanh Hoa Provincial Children's Fund - Nursing and Care Center for Meritorious People - Social Work has given Quan’s family instructions on preparing necessary documents so that they can receive financial support for Quan’s upcoming heart surgery.

People who want to help Quan’s family can contact Quan’s father Nguyen Van Thu (tel: 0374507457) or Khanh Hoa Newspaper office (tel: 0258.3822019) at 77 Yersin St., Nha Trang City. Support can also be sent to Khanh Hoa Newspaper’s bank account at Vietcombank Nha Trang (account number 0581000765262).

Thuy Dương
Translated by H.N