16:47, 13/05/2023

Various summer vacation activities for kids

Summer vacation is coming with various fun and educational activities held by Youth Union affiliations.

The Youth Union, Women’s Association and Trade Union of Khanh Hoa Public Security’s Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue will organize a summer camp from May to August for Youth Union members, young people, teachers, students and their parents with an expected 30-40 campers. The participation is free of charge, according to Senior Lieutenant Pham Sy Duoc, Youth Union Deputy Secretary, Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue, Khanh Hoa Public Security.

Children joined fire prevention and control program 2022.

At the program, participants will learn about the work, duties, equipment of the fire fighters; visit the Emergency Fire Warning Center; develop fire prevention and control skills and play related movement games. More than 1,400 students, 280 teachers and parents have registered to participate in the program.

Apart from the annual military semester, the provincial Youth Union will cooperate with Khanh Hoa Public Security to open another summer camp “We are people’s police”. According to Nguyen Khac Duy, Head of the Provincial Youth Union’s propaganda board, the program will begin in early July with 2 courses, each lasting for 1 week. 120 - 150 students aged 10-17 are expected to join the program at Hermann Gmeiner High School Nha Trang.

The summer campers will experience and practice such practical skills as life skills, personal branding; learn about People's Public Security force, family sentiments; picnic activities, environmental protection, etc. Children of policy beneficiaries and disadvantaged families will benefit from preferential fees when joining the camp.

In addition, in mid-June, Vietnam Youth Federation will open Polaris life skill club to provide life skill, survival skills and other essential outdoor skills free of charge for children and teenagers. The activities are held periodically for young people in Nha Trang City.

This summer, Nha Trang City has planned to organize a camp for kids and teenagers from disadvantaged families to provide them an opportunity to get life skills education and experience.

Khanh Hoa Youth Union has had detailed plans for the summer activities this year. Besides volunteering programs, Youth Union affiliations will focus on providing playgrounds for kids to have fun and develop skills to keep them active, stay safe and be happy, according to Tran Anh Tuan, Secretary of Khanh Hoa Youth Union.



Translated by N.T