23:29, 19/05/2023

Various child care and education activities

Child care, protection and education in Khanh Hoa Province have been focused on with practical and meaningful activities over years, providing the best conditions for children and teenagers to study and have fun.

Playground at  Vinh Luong 2 Primary School

Several practical and meaningful activities

Nha Trang City Comrade Associate and Youth Union in cooperation with Nha Trang City Fisheries’ Youth Union has just implemented a playground construction worth VND38 million at Vinh Luong 2 Primary School, Nha Trang City.

Ho Thanh Tam, a fourth grader, said, “The playground has new outdoor toys, including slides, swings, etc.” Many constructions have been held to increase physical activities for children in Khanh Hoa Province. Specifically, since the beginning of the year, Cam Lam District Youth Union and Comrade Associate have implemented 2 school playground constructions in the district.

Van Ninh District Youth Union jointly implemented a playground at Ninh Dao Village, Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh District. In late 2022, Khanh Hoa Youth Union implemented a playground for kids at Thanh Son Primary and Junior High School, Khanh Son District.

Huynh Thi Nhu Y, Deputy Secretary of Khanh Hoa Youth Union, the Chairperson of Khanh Hoa Comrade Associate said, the construction is for the child care and support. Numerous child care and support activities are held regularly on public holidays and International Children’s Day such as offering gifts, school items, bikes, scholarships and organizing entertainment activities for kids.

Enhancing development and Learning opportunities for children

Youth Union and Comrade Associate affiliations have also focused on building playgrounds for children to acquire new knowledge and develop essential skills. Khanh Hoa Youth Union has directed its affiliations to focus on education of revolutionary tradition and patriotism and promotion of  national maritime sovereignty via flag broadcast, acting, musical performance and meetings with historical witnesses, trips to historical sites.

Various activities are effectively deployed to create an environment for children to enhance exchanges, understanding and develop life skills. In particular, exchange and twinning activities of Young Pioneer detachments in urban, rural and remote areas are maintained regularly.

168 Young Pioneer detachments have been twinned so far, organizing exchange activities with the participation of 6,600 children. Many practical models for children such as gardening, painting, fun chemical experiment, pottery, or making school supplies and toys from waste with the participation of over 161,000 children.

Child protection has also been promoted via widespread propaganda on social media managed by the Youth Union and Comrade Associate affiliations. Khanh Hoa Youth Union has also directed and implemented activities to provide social skills to prevent children from being exposed to abuse, injury, drowning, violence, etc. In the coming time, Khanh Hoa Provincial Comrade Associate will continue enhancing support for kids to ensure their all-round development and achievements.

In 2022, the Comrade Associate and Youth Union at all levels implemented activities worth VND6 billion to support kids, invest more than VND1 billion in the construction of playgrounds for kids; VND300 million in building reading space; implementing the work namely Khanh Hoa children towards the beloved Spratly Islands with the funding of VND350 million, presenting scholarships and awards totaling VND500 million to kids.


Translated by N.T