22:01, 22/05/2023

Spreading kindness and compassion

In response to the Charity Month 2023, Khanh Hoa Provincial Red Cross at all levels has implemented many charity activities towards the community.

For community's sake

In early May, Khanh Hoa Red Cross in cooperation with the Saigon Volunteering Physicians and Doctors’ Club provided free medical examination and medicines for 700 residents in Khanh Thanh Commune, Khanh Vinh District. The mission also brought along many medical devices for the medical check-ups and offered nearly 500 glasses to those with Far- and near-sightedness; gave 377 gifts containing necessities worth nearly VND400,000 each; 13 wheelchairs to the disabled, 10 bikes to poor students. The charity work was worth VND400 million in total.

Saigon Volunteering Physicians and Doctors’ Club performs charity health check-ups in Khanh Thanh Commune.

A resident named Cao Gia Hia, Ta Mo Village, Khanh Thanh Commune said, “Many homes here are poor and many old people are sick. We are so happy to get such health check-ups and medicines free of charge.”  According  to M.A, Dr. Vu Ngoc Tuan, Vice-Chairman of Saigon Doctors and Pharmacist Volunteer Club, the club has been established for 15 years. This is the 160th charity trip the group has taken to provide free health check-ups and medicines across the country. In response to the Humanitarian Month 2023, the group has coordinated with the Provincial Red Cross to deploy humanitarian activities in Khanh Vinh District to join effort to improve community health care.

Responding to the Humanitarian Month, Ninh Hoa Town Red Cross has just coordinated with related agencies to organize a voluntary blood donation day, attracting more than 530 volunteers in the town, donating 440 units of blood. Besides, during the Humanitarian Month, the town Red Cross at all level plans to mobilize donations to offer 600 gifts worth VND300,000-500,000 each to policy beneficiaries, poor and the vulnerable older people.

Receiving bikes.

Numerous practical activities

This year's Humanitarian Month Themed “Together building a compassionate community”, the provincial Red Cross at all levels has promoted propaganda to spread the value of compassion in the community; mobilize people from all backgrounds to join hands and contribute to meaningful works for the community’s sake, especially helping the disadvantaged and unfortunate to overcome adversities.

According to the plan, in the Humanitarian Month, 100% of the Red Cross at districts and towns will support at least 1 humanitarian address or carry out humanitarian work; mobilize funding at least VND2 billion to support 4,000 humanitarian addresses; construct 10 houses for disadvantaged fishermen in Van Ninh District under the charity program sponsored by Vietnam Red Cross to support disadvantaged fishermen, donate bicycles to poor students in Khanh Thanh Commune.

According to Phan Dinh Huan, Vice-Chairman of the Provincial Red Cross, following the plan of the Vietnam Red Cross and the direction of the Provincial People's Committee on the implementation of Humanitarian Month, the Provincial Red Cross has provided counseling for the Provincial People's Committee to develop a plan to call for donations from organizations and individuals inside and outside the province to contribute to the charity. The goal is to mobilize funding for 4,000 gifts worth VND300,000 to 3 million each for the poor. In addition, each locality makes efforts to mobilize and build Red Cross Funds from VND20 to 50 million; donating wheelchairs to the disabled and aid to poor students.


Translated by N.T